Our Mission

About Psydio

What We Believe.

We believe that Spiritworld exists and is populated with Spirits who want to communicate with their loved ones on earth.

We believe that Mediums are genuinely receiving messages from people that have passed over.

We believe in reincarnation, a person’s soul can return to earth in another body.

We don’t believe (like some religions do) that reincarnation happens immediately.

We believe there is a God.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to improve people's lives by providing communication to spirit and training them to do it themselves.

What we Do.

Psydio has applied to register as a charity. 

Psydio provides a roadmap to help people develop their psychic skills to be able to talk to spirit. 

Psydio supports the roadmap with events and training courses.

Is there a spiritworld?

or do spirits exist in some sort of limbo